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Our Company was founded in 1999, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


With clear objectives of progress and great dedication from our beginning, we are distributors of electronic components that we import directly, being a strong and reliable link between our clients and the manufacturers of the first brands of components in world wide.


We work with permanent stock, a wide variety of electronic components that we distribute across our wholesale and retail channel depending on the requested volume, looking in all the cases for the major satisfaction of our clients.


With personalized attention and a solid technical support, we provide in rapid and efficient form all kinds of clients, like students, factories and companies of different sectors.


We have a deep vertical integration between our world wide suppliers and the local industry, giving this way rapid, precise and profitable solutions, with the highest technology.


Microelectronics offers in addition, such services as technical advice, programming all kinds of memories and microcontrollers, design and production of printed circuit boards.


Being grateful for your visit to our web site and the interest in our products, we give you the welcome and stay to the wait of your technical and / or commercial consultations that will be answered to the major briefness.


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To create differentiated value from our vertical integration with customers and suppliers, Managing this way to be your principal collaborator.


To achieve it, we proposed to fulfill the following objectives:


  • To identify needs of current and potential clients
  • To offer rapid and profitable solutions to our public, them helping to create their competitive advantages.
  • To create differentiated value.
  • To generate a growth supported in the market.


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We aspire to be a leading, Innovative and competitive Company in the market of electronic components and electronic consumer, recognized by the high quality of our products and services.


  • To support a strong commitment with the client, facing the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities with efficiency and efficacy.
  • To achieve a growth supported with a suitable return on the investment, and take part in new business.
  • To project an agile, efficient and flexible Company, which assures the human development and the commitment of its collaborators with the objectives and values.
  • To position ourselves as strategic associates of our clients, offering to them solutions and services of the highest quality, in agreement to our values.


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We also offer the following services::


  • Trade & export of hard to find parts.
  • Export our over stocks.
  • Technical advice.
  • Memory & microcontroller programming.
  • Design & production of PCB boards.


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